Renting isn't just a short term bridge to home ownership. We need regulations and legislation that allow tenants the same sense of comfort, safety, and pride in their homes as property owners enjoy.

A few key changes that I'll work to bring to Ontario families:

  • Make it unacceptable for landlords to include clauses that are illegal in their leases. Currently, an illegal clause is void, but there is nothing to prevent a landlord from including one, and many tenants are unaware of their rights. A good example is that landlords often include rules prohibiting pets, even though they aren't allowed to forbid them in Ontario.

  • Charge landlords with a duty to disclose the same things you would have to disclose if someone were purchasing a home. Renters should know about potential safety issues related to things like outdated electrical and plumbing work, or any other hidden defects that may make the home unsafe or unhealthy.

  • Tenants deserve a right to know specifically who has potential access to their home by being provided with a list of all the individuals who have keys or access codes.

  • Landlords should not be allowed to require authorization to “enter at any time” in order for tenants to request maintenance.

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