An Abridged Resume

I want to be your next MPP in London North Centre. This is a brief look at some of my recent work. Want to know more? Reach me at

I am a Community Leader, Small Business Owner, Economic Development Professional, Public Transit Advocate, Equity Inclusion Activist, and Columnist.

I've worked across Ontario & Canada, but my work, play, and advocacy is focused in London North Centre, where I want to represent you as your next MPP!


Managing Partner, Hacker Studios (5 years)

  • I founded London’s successful downtown startup incubator, where we've served hundreds of businesses, free-lancers, nonprofits, and social enterprise, helping them grow and become successful.
  • We've hosted political leaders, including Andrea Horwath and Thomas Mulcair, and met with decision-makers to discuss policy that impacts our community.

Community Relations & Communications Consultant (10+ years)

  • I work with nonprofits, government, small business, and manufacturing firms.
  • My work is focused on community-building and creating stronger relationships, better workplaces, and more thoughtful solutions.

Chair, Transportation Advisory Committee, City of London (3 years)

  • We advise City Council on transportation issues. I was appointed as the Urban League of London representative, and elected chair three consecutive years by me fellow committee members.


Columnist, Our London          

  • I also appeared weekly on London’s top-rated morning radio talk show program on CJBK 1290.

Program Manager, Startup Canada        

  • I built Canada’s leading national program for supporting Startup Communities.
  • I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from the West Coast to the Maritimes, with government and community leaders, and with international experts in local economic development.


I'm a vocal advocate for better public transit and a multi-modal city, and am a founder of the London Transit Riders Alliance.

I received the 2017 Leading Women Building Communities Award from the Government of Ontario, presented by Peggy Sattler and Teresa Armstrong.

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