Tech Can Help us Govern

It's hard to move a large, well-established organization with technology. We can become more efficient and provide better for Ontarians by embracing what's available and making more data open.

Here are a few things I'd like Ontario to do:

  • Create better tools to allow people to participate and to access information more easily from across the province. Digital tools can greatly improve the inclusiveness of our government and make our democracy stronger.

  • For transparency's sake, a data dump isn’t good enough when we share information. We need to make the information more easily understandable, digestable, and in some cases, usable for Ontarians who can help us make better decisions and build better solutions.

  • Embrace new methods of involving citizens in solution-building through tested methods like policy hacks and evidence-based problem solving. Similarly, create easier and more open ways for citizens to let us know of opportunities and improvements we should consider.

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