Meet Amanda


Hi! I’m Amanda, and I’d like us to get to know each other.

I’m a business owner, a working mom, and a native of rural Ontario. I grew up in Huron County, started my family in Perth County and moved to the city five years ago. Now I live in south London with my husband, two daughters and a cat.

We already live in one of the best places on Earth and I believe in the Ontario NDP vision of our region continuing to thrive in a province that's more prosperous, decent and democratic.

I'm proud to belong to a party that sees how reducing barriers to employment, education and healthcare will help us build a stronger province for everyone. A party that knows we can provide for each other while still allowing people to realize rewards for their hard work.

With an Ontario NDP Government we will rebuild our regional economy by fostering stronger agricultural and industrial partnerships that span Southwestern Ontario, refocusing our support for businesses on meaningful employment growth and by fighting for this region to have the place it deserves in Ontario's plans for the future.

Ontario families deserve real options for how they care for themselves and their loved ones. Services that help us do that—like clinics, home care, day care and assisted living facilities—need to be affordable, dependable and close to home.

I'm ready to be a strong voice for you at Queen's Park. To do that, I need to hear your voice, to know what matters to you. What do you love about Ontario and where can our Province do better? How do you envision our future? Why are you proud to call this region home?

Please join me online at and let’s start the conversation.

I know that an NDP win is a win for everyone in Ontario. I hope you’ll join me in working towards that goal!