Do I have to join the NDP to vote for Amanda?

Yes, you do have to be a member of the NDP to vote in the nomination and help put Amanda on the ballot in the next election.

When it comes to the election, of course, you don't have to be a member of a political party to vote.
By the same token, being a member of a party does not mean you have to vote in the election for that party's candidate.

How much does a membership cost? How can I pay?

$5 for students, seniors, and unwaged or underemployed people.
$25 for all others.

You can pay online by credit card or in person by contacting a member of our team at hello@amandastratton.com.

If I join the NDP, do I have to vote NDP in the election?

No. I understand that you might not be sure who you're going to vote for (after all, full platforms haven't been released yet) but that you want to make sure you have great options on your ballot.

I hope to earn your vote as the NDP candidate, but you can still vote for anyone you choose in the election.

Will my membership status be public?

No. Your party membership is not a matter of public record.

Within the party, membership lists are treated as strictly confidential. Nobody is permitted to reveal another person's past or present membership status.

Am I eligible to vote in the nomination?

To vote in the nomination and help put Amanda on the ballot, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Live in London North Centre
  2. Be a member of the NDP
  3. Be at least 13 years old
  4. Attend the nomination meeting to vote

Can I vote online like in the leadership election?

There is no online voting for the nomination. Anyone who wants to help choose the candidate will need to come to the nomination meeting. All voting is done in person by secret ballot.

To be notified when the details of the nomination meeting are set, please sign up to receive updates.

When is the meeting?

The nomination meeting will be held on Sunday, January 14. The time and place are not set yet. Please sign up for updates so we can let you know when they are!

Can I come to the meeting even if I can't vote?

Yes! Please do!

The meeting is a public event and there will be a great featured speaker. Please come and enjoy the opportunity to hang out with some fantastic Londoners!

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