It's Time for Electoral Reform


We make the best decisions when the most people participate in our democracy. Canadians have been clear that they want to see change in the way we elect our government representatives. We need a system that makes sure every voice counts.

As your MPP, I'll work for the following changes:

  • An immediate start to an education campaign to help Londoners learn about Mixed-Member Proportional representation, the kind of system that was recommended by citizens in 2007. Then, in 2022, we can have a referendum to give Ontarians a choice. I believe this is the fastest, fairest way to see electoral reform in Ontario.

  • Giving permanent residents the vote. They're an important part of our communities—the work, volunteer, learn, and play here with us, not to mention paying taxes. Permanent residents deserve a vote in Ontario.

  • There aren't enough 16 and 17-year olds in Ontario to really shift an election outcome, but we could change the future of our democracy by extending the vote to them. Giving students the chance to learn how to vote, and how to make an informed decision, while they're still in school will help them become life-long voters.

  • I'd like to work with municipalities to implement Ranked Choice Voting in more communities across the province. We should also offer municipal governments the opportunity to try things like lowering the voting age, extending the vote to permanent residents, and using online ballots.

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