Meet Amanda

Wedding_069.jpgHi, my name is Amanda Stratton and I want to be your NDP candidate in London North Centre. 

The common threads that connect my career and volunteer work are community and inclusion. As the elected chair of the city’s Transportation Advisory Committee, I’ve made it my mission to bring more citizen voices to the table. I’ve helped develop a national non-profit program that helps fledgling businesses to become better employers and create jobs in their communities. As a small business owner in downtown London, I’ve hosted and organized dozens of events that give people here the chance to meet and talk to municipal, federal and provincial leaders.

I’m proud to belong to a party that supports all Londoners and recognizes that by reducing barriers to employment, education and healthcare, we can build a stronger province for everyone. I’m excited that this campaign gives us an opportunity to get more people involved in our democratic process. I look forward to reaching out to more members and more Londoners to hear about what’s important to you. I’m confident that as your Candidate for London North Centre, I can be a strong NDP voice for London at Queen’s Park.

A self-described policy geek, Amanda lives in south London with her husband, two daughters, and a cat.


You can find more of Amanda's thoughts and ideas in her columns and appearances, which are compiled at