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In every part of our democracy, YOUR VOICE is the most valuable thing you can offer, and the more you do, the better we become. I'm asking you to use your voice now to help put me on our 2018 provincial ballot.

You might be surprised how little time it takes to make a difference. In fact, we even came up with this really simple list:

3 ways to use your voice to support Amanda right now (without even getting off of your computer)

  1. Talk about Amanda on social media
    Find Amanda on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Write and share a post about why you think she'll make a great NDP candidate and a strong MPP, or ask your friends to join you in voting for her at the nomination meeting on January 14.

  2. Introduce Amanda to someone
    Can you think of one person that may want to support Amanda at a nomination meeting? How about someone whose story she should hear? Can you connect her with a community she might not know? Send an e-intro to

  3. Write a testimonial
    Write a brief note about why you think Amanda should be London North Centre’s next NDP candidate. Please share it on social media, too. More of a Facebooker? Add your thoughts (and five stars!) to the Reviews section on Amanda’s Facebook Page.

And a BONUS: if you haven't already joined our mailing list via this site, please do! We really appreciate you allowing us to keep in touch with you about the campaign and opportunities to support Amanda, and we promise not to overload your inbox.


Want to do more? 

Of course, the best way to help is to come to the London North Centre NDP nomination meeting and cast your vote. But there's lots to be done between now and then, so please also consider joining our team.

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